Photo of Resorter from the 1970 Century Sales Catalog

1970 Century Resorter
Interceptor 300 / Ford 427

18' Century Resorter
The most sought after color, with the most sought after engine. A rare find... and I'm really hoping it finds a good home.

I have a 1970 Century Dealer Pack that has the 427 hand-written in as an option, with the notation "NO WARRANTY". Over the years I've discussed this with a couple Century shops, who have indicated that the Resorter's 427 option in 1970 was extremely rare. I had the engine rebuilt by McQuillen Racing Engines in 2004, with minimal usage since - less than 20 hours. An MSD electronic ignition was added at the time of the rebuild.

All of the floorboards and part of the stringers were replaced in 2003. New engine box and upholstery from A&A marine.

Boat has a full cover, plus the original fully-enclosed bimini cover.

Depth finder added within a chrome frame matching the main gauge cluster.

Comes with a 2008 Yacht Club trailer with surge brakes.

The boat still has the original gel coat, and has a fair share of the expected scratches. There's an epoxied circle on the side where a previous owner had installed and removed a bilge pump. The top deck has several screw holes from who-knows-what over the years. This is not a show-boat, and the asking price reflects that. It is, however, ready to be dropped in the water and fired up. It looks absolutely fantastic in the water. Heads will turn.

The following videos were taken September 2011

The following photos were taken September 2011

Beneath the aft bench seat is the anchor bag, fenders, and fire extinguisher.

Inboard drive shaft beneath the aft floor board

Under front seat, fore access panel removed. Depth finder puck.

Under front seat, fore access panel removed. Battery compartment, fore bilge pump.

Under front seat, fore access panel in place

Fuse panel beneath dash.

Under bow, fore bilge pump outlet.

Original Century Hull & Serial Number. Throttle assembly.

Unused fitting through front dash

Unused antenna mount on portside.

Unused mount on starboard.

Side step (cover support in place).

Portside exhaust (this is the blower outlet).

Epoxied hole from old bilge pump outlet on portside.

Trailer tongue with surge brake actuator.

Behind front seat, MSG Ignition Box on stainless steel panel, MSD Distributor. Fresh water pump. Throttle Cable.

Looking down on engine from front seat. Note: the ignition control cable (purple/green) is disconnected from winter storage.

Oil cooler - four fittings: engine in/out, transmission in/out.

Starboard side of engine. Oil dipstick. Starter solenoid.

Starboard side of engine.

Engine casting number: C7JE (1967 Marine Block). It is believed to be original to the boat. Two ignition cables. Exhaust gasket.

Original Documentation

1970 Century Dealer Pack which had pricing for all available models and motor options. The 300 Interceptor option for the Resorter was hand-written in with the notation of "No Warranty". The base price of this engine model was $7120, which when adjusted for inflation is just over $42,000.

Original Century owner's manual and original Interceptor owner's manual, with original engine tag showing model 300RS (300 horsepower, right-hand rotation, raw water cooled)

Original 1970 Century sales brochure, showing the Resorter 18 page

Original Hull and Serial Number tag

The following photos were taken Fall 2003 to Spring 2004
(pre-restoration and during restoration)

This is what $5000 bought me in 2003. A 1970 Century Resorter with the Ford 427 engine. It's a rare combination, possibly the only one in existence. It deserved to be rescued.

New floor boards being dry-fit.

New floor components in the process of being epoxied

New side pockets cut to size and waiting to be epoxied

Front portion of stringers removed and existing stringers being sealed. Old dashboard with bilge-pump switches to the right. These were later replaced with a new "sub-panel" that houses a depth finder gauge.

New floorboards installed

Dry fit of stringers and front floor

Repaired stringers in the process of being fiberglassed

Front floor (with access panel) installed

Rear seat bottom installed (gas tank visible)

Rear seat complete

Rebuilt dashboard

Engine removed

Engine stripped down, ready to go to McQuillen Racing Engines in LeRoy, NY

VelvetDrive transmission stripped, cleaned and painted


The following photos were taken post-restoration
Summer 2004